About Our Team

Our Team

The Changemakers

We’re a federation of entrepreneurs. 

We are drawn from sales, strategy, research, data, behavioural and political science backgrounds. We’re led by former execs from M&C Saatchi, Ogilvy, Cambridge Analytica and Gartner. We work together, with clients, to bring world changing ideas to life.

We love what we do. 

Director, Strategy

Mellie Naydenova-Slade

The great teacher. She is insightful and inspired in every hour of need. She sees so clearly she appears to see around corners - a strategic prowess that others cannot reach. She is the driving force behind so many complex projects and yet she does it all with the patience of a saint and the genius of an oracle. And with relentless regularity. 

Experience: O2; Telefonica; Rapier; Watson Phillips Norman; Bridgwater Consulting;

Study: University of Cambridge (BA); Courtauld Institute; University of London (MA, PhD). 

Director, Enablement

Catherine Schalk

The great enabler. Her generosity defies belief. The pride she takes in helping others is truly inspiring. She creates time for others; going above and beyond is her business-as-usual. We love the steely resolve beneath the velvet glove. She pushes relentlessly onward to help others fulfil their potential - in the pursuit of exceptional execution. 

Experience: Oracle; TCV; PagerDuty; VMWare; HP; CA Technologies; AVEVA; PeopleSoft; Informatica; Mille Heiman; Showpad; 

Study: Indiana Wesleyan University, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, Pitman Training 

Director, Copy

Joe Hall

The great poet. He is loved and appreciated by all. Clear in thought and deed, he keeps a cool head while others around are losing theirs. He sees things with greater clarity than the rest of us, creating beautiful yet brutal simplicity from industrial levels of complexity. Joe creates copy so persuasive it challenges even the most reluctant reader.  

Experience: M&C Saatchi / LIDA; Proximity; Ogilvy; Kitcatt Nohr; Stack Agency;

Study: University of Oxford; De Montfort University (PhD)

Director, Research

Junjie Li

The gentle genius. The man who finds needles in haystacks. Forever calm and insightful - no matter how immense the task or daunting the deadline - he has our unending gratitude and admiration. The man every client loves, he is helping us build top quartile sales methods into sales scripts. We look forward to seeing how his work will unfold, how he will rise to every challenge. He always does. 

Experience: Challenger Inc; Gartner; Corporate Executive Board; Ricoh; UPS 

Study: RMIT University; Ngee Ann Polytechnic 

Director, Client Services

Rowland Barran

The facilitator. He has the privilege of coordinating and deploying teams across client projects. He's a student of the art and science of persuasion, political and behavioural science. He's passionate about the need to provide scripts with top quartile methods built-in.  

Experience: M&C Saatchi; Ogilvy (WPP), Hill & Knowlton (WPP), Cohn & Wolfe (WPP), Department of Trade (UK gov)

Study: Goldsmiths College, University of London (BA); Birkbeck College, University of London (MA); Royal College of Music (MA)


Experts in higher-value sales content

It's not enough to take the senior team on a retreat or lock marketing in a room.

Complement your business with a team of senior strategists and researchers. Hire a team that gets back to basics with qualitative and quantitative research, deductive and inductive methods - discovering your strongest and most differentiated value proposition.


Create content for higher value transformative deals - led by buyer need and opportunity, by objectivity not groupthink.


Create content with top-quartile methods built in. Go beyond just MEDDICC, Sandler, Force Management, SPIN, value, challenger or solution selling.


Create sales content in a scalable campaign factory – plug and play sales materials that go live in 6 weeks – with a team specialising in high-value deals for fast-growing teams.